January 4, 2010

007 - Thrummed Mitt

My very first thrummed mitten.

I started knitting thrummed mittens about three weeks ago and shamefully I've only completed one half so far! In my defense, I've been knitting up a storm in preparation for an etsy shop I'll be opening at the end of this month.

The yarn I'm using is some that I brought back home from Noah's Place Farm, and some roving I found at Needle Emporium in Ancaster. This is the pattern I'm using for the mittens, but I've adapted it quite a bit for the yarn I'm using and for the thrums. I really like how it's turned out.

I really need to get started on the second mitt. Winter is finally here and these will keep me warm right down to my bones!


  1. Liz these are perfect! Are they hard? I find a lot of patterns get very confusing...

  2. Nicole!

    Learn how to knit in the round, if you don't already know how. From there it really isn't difficult at all. Begin by making plain mittens and then you'll see how easy it is! And also it's a good idea when following a pattern, to stick with the exact needle size and yarn that the pattern recommends. Otherwise you'll have to readjust the pattern, and it gets messy and discouraging when trying to figure that stuff out, especially when you're making your first pair!