January 15, 2010

011 - Griffin House and Dundurn Photoband Outing!

Yesterday I took a break from all my knitting, and Peter and I went out to the Griffin House in Ancaster to go on a short hike and shoot some film!

This next photo is also of the Griffin House, check out my dorky mitt on the far left!

Afterwards we decided to visit Dundurn Castle, and we were given a private tour of the grounds! Only because we were the only ones who showed up for it.

My other photos of Dundurn Castle were in colour, and I still need to finish the roll. Lately it's taken me weeks and weeks to finish a roll of film. I should have jumped in on that 365 photo project, but I think it's a little late now!

All in all, it was a pretty sweet day with Peter. He developed this roll of black and white himself by hand after we were finished our traipsing around the city. Check out some of his other photos here!

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