August 4, 2010

Wedding dress circa 1984

This is the dress my mom made for her humble wedding, back in 1984. Isn't it adorable?

Not to mention how adorable and shy my mom looks in the dress as well. I can just imagine all the love and tenderness she put into making it, and how careful she must have been in cutting the silk.. I should mention that while my mom is great at sewing, she also designs her own patterns as well, including this one! I can't imagine cutting into a piece of delicate material without written instructions to follow afterwards. This lady clearly amazes me.

It wouldn't surprise me if my gran (sitting on the right) made her own outfit as well. I think I can thank my maternal side of the family for all things lovely, and my crafty genes.

Thanks, mom!

August 1, 2010

Naming of

I decided to name my shop Elora Vintage after the town of Elora, Ontario.

It's a little place I used to go to often as a child, and I'd been itching to go back there for a long time. A couple weeks ago Peter took me for a special weekend getaway, and it was really lovely, to say the least.

The biggest draw to Elora for me is all the memories I have of that place as a child; sitting next to the Grand River and dipping my toes in the water, hiking in the gorge, frozen treats, and browsing the shops. There used to be this teddy bear shop I was always excited to visit, and although it seems to have disappeared, but everything else still remains in this sleepy Southern Ontario town.

This feeling of nostalgia is so similar to how I feel about a lot of the hand selected vintage pieces in my shop -- completely timeless, beautiful and classic, casual and sweet. Thus, Elora Vintage is born.