January 15, 2010

Business Cards

New business cards!

Wee! Aside from having fun with Peter, I've been a very busy knitter. I still have a lot to do before opening my shop at the end of this month. One of the things I wanted to have finished prior to opening up shop is having my own business cards printed! I knocked this off my things to do list last week, with the help of my friend Jeremy Kemeny! I can't thank him enough.

It feels strange having these cards laying around, especially since Birch & Sycamore isn't open yet. But they are so pretty! And having them around keeps me motivated to keep knitting knitting knitting (no matter how much my fingers ache)!

I whited out my phone number because I felt weird about it being on the internet for all to see, but it's supposed to be there under my name.

Again, thanks Jer!