December 15, 2009

003 - Apartment Hunting

Rooftop Vegetable Garden

These are some photos of my old place on Locke South. I gave it up this past August so my boyfriend and I could ride our little bicycles to Halifax in September and farm out east for a little while. Well, we're back in Hamilton earlier than planned and now we're homeless! I wish I had held on to this place, but I suppose it's too small for both peter and I. But oh maaan, look at my garden! I grew carrots, bell peppers, hot peppers, tomatoes, pink and yellow achilleas, morning glories, bleeding hearts, hens and chicks, coriander, parsley, zucchini, mint, romaine lettuce, mint, everything! having been on the third floor of this house I got tons and tons of sun too and everything (except the carrots..) flourished. Hah, by the end of summer it was quite unruly!

Hopefully we can find a place just as sweet and cosy. I loved this place so much, it was just right for me. I had amazing housemates, sweet next door neighbours to the north of me, and beautiful stain glass church windows to the south. Not to mention living on Locke Street. Perfect! Kirkendall is my definitely favourite area of town. I'm crossing my fingers pretty hard that we get lucky and find something just as wonderful by February or May. Please cross your fingers for us! We need it.


  1. Not to make you feel a greater sense of loss, but MAN. That place is incredible! I'm glad you have fond memories of it. Good luck with the hunt!

  2. you know you'll find an amazing place. that kind of thing always works out for you. <3

  3. what lovely photos, it was delightful. sending you wishes on finding another cozy abode for you and yours...