December 7, 2009

002 - French General - Home Sewn

I've been drooling over nearly every sewing project in French General Home Sewn - 30 Projects for Every Room in the House by Kaari Meng for quite some time.

I found this book while browsing through The Bookshelf, an amazing bookshop/cinema/cafe in downtown Guelph, Ontario. My boyfriend and I went there back in the summer to visit some friends who were playing at ebar. While waiting for their set, I got lost in this shop and subsequently in this book. I couldn't put it down! Every page is full of beautiful french linens, tickings, old grain sacks, buttons and other notions. I was in deep reverential love, and was so sad when I had to leave it behind that night. Later in the month when we came to the bookshelf to watch this movie, I immediately walked over to the craft section and snatched it up. I was so lucky it was still there.

Since then I've been stocking up on vintage fabrics and notions. I would like to have a decent inventory before diving into a major sewing project. I'd hate to ruin the little fabric I have stored up because I was too impatient to wait for the perfect ribbon, thread, or other embellishment. I can't say it's easy though, because everyday I flip through this book in anticipation for the day I get to run some fabric through my little sewing machine!

French General sells textiles, buttons, jewelry, and paper. I want their entire website for Christmas - I hope Peter reads this!

EDIT - Updated scans from the pages of Home Sewn! Thank you Christmas scanner.

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