February 26, 2010

Birch Bark Soap

I really, really love homemade soap, so recently I ordered a lavender bath bar from Birch Bark Soap. I have been drooling over this soap ever since I stumbled upon Sherries blog twenty-two pleasant, and learned that she is a soapmaker from Nova Scotia (my new favourite province)!

I was pretty excited about receiving this little treat, checking the mail box every single day for it's arrival. Lucky me, today was the day! It couldn't have come on a better day either. I had a pretty terrible morning, so nothing was better than opening a mailbox that was filled with the smell of lavender!

I was also surprised to see that Sherrie also threw in a (large!) sample of her carrot complexion soap, accompanied by a really lovely thank you card. Seriously, I have so much love and affinity for this soap right now - It's so beautifully fragrant and soothing - I can't wait to use it! After such a crummy start to the day I definitely needed the pick me up.

Thank you, Sherrie!


  1. it looks so good! i love homemade soaps. i should share with you my recipe for sea salt lavender scrub. to die for.

  2. I'm so glad that it made your day, and thanks for all of your kind words. :) Enjoy! (And anytime you're in your favourite province, look me up! :))

  3. Have a look at that new cheese store in Locke sometime! They have a selection of handmade soaps in addition to a bunch of jams, jellies and other things that aren't cheese. Definitely worth checking out.