February 1, 2010

Fabric and Shop Update

Yesterday Peter and I went to an estate sale in search for some fabric, and I came out with a pretty good stash!

My favourite is this really beautiful white and blue satin. I love the way it's dyed - the blues and white remind me of super soft cirrus clouds. Delicate, subtle, perfect! I think I'll be saving this for when I get my first Japanense dress book.

So.. about my Etsy Shop. It's on hiatus at the moment. Boo! I'm waiting for a credit card that should arrive in two weeks or (hopefully) sooner. So hang in there - it's going to happen soon, promise!


  1. Where/how did you guys find an estate sale?

  2. I just keep my eye out for estate sale ads in the Spectator! It was on Hamilton mountain. Next time I find one I'll let you know!