April 26, 2010

Mom in '84

I discovered this roll of film a couple of years ago, buried in some junk at my Dad's place. The canister was super rusty, and though I knew it was old, I would have never guessed that it was from when my Dad traveled to the Philippines to marry my mom.

Man, check out that winning smile!

Watch her finger! So cute.

Now if I could only find out what happened to the roll of film that was in my Moms camera. That would be the find of a lifetime.


  1. Aw, this is too sweet... that last sentence made me feel a bit sad. Love the bougainvillea!

  2. So cute! You guys have the same bag.

  3. Beautiful! I see the resemblance.

  4. Oh I LOVE this! If only we could all find mysterious rolls of film that revealed love and smiles...

    I'm having a fine art giveaway over at my blog if you might be interested in an 8 x 8 giclee original (by me): http://walterhelenaphotography.blogspot.com/201...

    xo, WHP

  5. I been here a couple of times and I didn't realize that you have a Filipino blood :)

    This is your mom's photos in 1984, you must be very young :)

    If I were you I will ask her about the photos. I'd love to watch old photos of my mother and the family and I do that gazillion of times.

    all things lovely